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Frequently Asked Questions

      Q:  What areas do you serve?
      A:  We serve the greater Charlotte area.  Our network of contractors live in various locations in the greater Charlotte area so please don't
             hesitate to call us and inquire about work in your location.

      Q: What kind of Contractors do you refer?
We only refer contractors and service professionals who pass our screening /pre-qualification process.  We verify licensing, insurance and
            check the contractor's status with the Better Business Bureau and Attorney General's Office.  We contact customers and contractors that
            have worked with the contractor to make sure they meet our quality network standards.  It is our goal to refer contractors who are kind,
            honest, responsive and  do quality work, at a competitive price, that is consistent with HIR mission.

      Q:  Why should I use Home Improvement Referrals?
      A:  We have established relationships with a network of pre-qualified contractors in the Charlotte area.  Many of the contractors have done
            work for and with us over the years building custom homes.  Instead of just  hoping someone works out from the yellow pages or some other
            advertisement, we provide a network of pre-screened professionals for you to work with.

      Q: How does the referral process work?
      A:  First, you contact us via the telephone or fill out our simple online form that will give us information about your project.  Based on your needs
            and requests, we will then match you up with one of our network contractors that you will work with directly.

      Q:  If I use your referral service am I obligated to work with your network contractors?
You select the contractor of your choice to do your job.  You are not under any obligation to use one of our network contractors if you

      Q:  How and when will I receive a contractor referral from HIR?
A representative from HIR will typically call you or email you immediately but no later than within one day of your referral request submission.

      Q:  Can I talk to other homeowners who have used a particular contractor?
      A:  We recommend that our clients request customer references directly from the contractor, since they will likely have customers with projects
             that are similar to yours.

      Q:  Is there a fee for using HIR?
      A:  There is no charge to the homeowner for using our services.
      Q:  How does HIR get paid for their services?
      A: Contractors pay HIR a small sales/marketing fee for jobs they perform.  It's money they may have otherwise spent on advertising and sales
            promotion.  Contractors do not pay a membership fee to be part of our network so there is no incentive for us to have members who perform
            below our standards.  The relationship between homeowner and contractor is business-as-usual.  Homeowners pay contractors directly
            according to agreed upon terms.

      Q:  If I have a problem who do I contact?
      A:  We encourage customers to communicate directly with their contractors.  In the event that does not resolve the issue, contact us.  Although
             contractors are not employees of  Home Improvement Referrals,  we do our best to assist with any conflicts.

      Q:  If we use a contractor through HIR and want to use them again do we contact the contractor or your service?
      A:  It is in everyones best interest to contact HIR, because we keep up with certifications, licensing and insurance.  We are also aware of any
            changes with contractors and their employees and any complaints,  that may arise, from our ongoing monitoring process.

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